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Cottonpuff Feild! September 15, 2009

First, fly over to Cottonpuff Feild, and look at the weird leaf thing! heres some of it,


Then go to tinkers nook, where there will be a new quest from tinkberbell(:

its called Leaf it to tink, and it is a 6 step quest!

And you earn a badge!



Well thats it for today! bye!



New Arrival Day Clothes! September 13, 2009

yuuppp! it was right, we got the arrival day outfits today!

Here is what they look like, (mine is blue becuase im water talent)


Arent they pretty?

And yea, NON MEMBERS get the shoes too! awesomeeee! lol

Anyways, thats it for today,




Changing Of The Leaves! September 10, 2009

Here are the details first;

Changing of leaves in the time when fairies are working to bring fall to the clumsy(our) world. Its a celebration to help get it all done! The Minister of Autumn will be so happy(:




Now, here are the Dates and details:

September 15- Badge! Fly over to Tinkers Nook and help tinkerbell make a NEW gadet for the event!

September 17-22 is the actual party(: Nothing has been sai on what we can do there. ill update you when i find out.

September 22- Actual Date for 1stday of fall, also big party if fall has been sucessfully brought to the mainland!


Yuppp. thats it so far! More to come later!



Hurry Up! September 9, 2009

Today is the last day for the End-Of-Summer Sparkler!! Hurry up and do the 3 main things before thier gone!(they are listed in my very first post)

In other news, i was reading the Never News, and they said that EVERYONE in pixie hollow would get the new arrival dy outfit! i mean come on, i know you want it(: She said it would be happening this week, so be lookng forward to that! But, sometimes they cancel things, so dont get TOO excited!

And only MEMBERS get the shoes.



Free Clothes! September 8, 2009

I just found out that you can get FREE cloths, yes, thats it, FREE!

Just go to Brookes Basics in Dewdrop Vale!

You get your talents FREE outfit! Look at the Waters FREE cloths Below!



You dont have to be a member to buy these! im not a member, so yuppp! its confirmed!(:

Just go to brookes basics and you your cloths!



-PS, They also said that EVRYONE would get the new arrival day outfit, even if you have already been playing in the hollow!


1st Post/ End Of Summer Sparkler Event! September 7, 2009

1st Post! lol!

Today in the hollow is the End Of The Summer Sparkler Event!! The Event takes place in both Acorn Summit, and Springtime Orchard(:

There are 3 MAIN things to do:

1. Go to Springtime Orchard, and get your FREE Firefly doll!


2. Go to Acron Summit and play Fairy Fireworks one time to get the Super Sparkler Badge!


3. Complete Iridessas Quest, “A Sparkly Celebration” ( its a 9 step quest) and earn the Fairy Light Catcher!



Other than these 3 main things, you can just fly around and enjoy the beauty of the event!